ROMO TO COWBOYS: “Give me a chance…”

Thursday afternoon, SI.com broke the news that Tony Romo had reportedly requested a chance to win his job back from the rookie sensation, Dak Prescott. Unfortunately for him, the Cowboys rejected his proposal, and the veteran instead conceded the team to Prescott in an emotional press conference on Tuesday.


The Cowboys have clearly chosen to ride the hot hand of Dak Prescott for the rest of the year, but no rookie quarterback has ever won the super bowl as a starter. Did the Cowboys make a mistake by not allowing Romo, a 14 year veteran, to at least try to win his job back? We will find out soon enough. Please comment and give us your thoughts.


For more details on Romo’s rejection, check out the Sports Illustrated article here.



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6 comments on ROMO TO COWBOYS: “Give me a chance…”

  1. Antonio montes says:

    It’s ridiculous riding the hot hand! I’ve said it over and over dak is ok but really bench romo to see how it plays out? Romo has been an elite quarterback and still is. This is no situation where he took the job from Bledsoe. Romo is not washed up nor is he losing a step. Dak wouldn’t be 8-1 on any other team! Ok maybe the patriots lol we seen what their back ups did. Romo has given his all to Dallas and to be benched is just mind blowing. This team wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for romo and all those years. This team wasn’t built for dak, nor is dak the reason for the success. That O-line is the reason for its success also zeke wouldn’t be doing what he is doing with out that line. I think these rookies are getting to much credit for what the O line is giving them. Of course romo is injury prone but if he was healthy last year and this year in my eyes we would be going for a back to back Super Bowl champs. Romo deserves a chance he is owed a chance. If he fails to produce then bench him at least he will know for certain he isn’t the clear cut winner for qb 1. dak play good against Pittsburgh but leading up until that he has missed so many opportunities and relied on the check downs. When dez is 1-on-1 the majority of the game shows how defenses respect dak. The best way for Dallas to win it all in Houston is sitting on the bench as qb 2!

  2. Kirk says:

    I have to agree with Antonio, Dak is good but has had a lot of help from an improved defense and an elite running game. Combine that with Romo’s passion ability this team would not only be hot but feared.

  3. Jason says:

    “This team wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for romo and all those years.” Lol. I think you need a history lesson.

  4. Sean McGuire says:

    Dallas is just 7 losses from finishing 8-8 with 7 games to go . Maybe they will make the playoffs but it’s still a long shot from here – Lol

  5. Raul says:

    Romo is a great quarterback but his time is up. He said it him self this is a business. If I owned a business and had something that was hurting my business and replaced it with something that made my business better why would I got back to what was hurting my business. No offence to Romo but he has taken the Boys to the playoffs multiple times and has done nothing with those chances. Yes he has had this same offensive line and hasn’t done what Dak is doing with it. I love and respect Romo but if he really cared about this team he would step aside let the season play out and try and earn his spot back in the off season. Our weapons are not going anywhere!

  6. Luciano says:

    Romo would also be 8-1 if he was starting. He is an elite QB that can read defenses before the snap. That takes years of experience. What he lacks, I think, is the spark that Dak brings to the line. The rapport he has with the offensive line and receivers is noticed immediately. If the team feels the same way about Romo, they’ll protect their quarterback from hits and give him time to destroy corner backs, as they do with Prescott.

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