Episode 105: We’re Back B*****s!!!

Episode 105: We’re Back B*****s!!!
Sports Over Served

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After a few holidays and a couple cases of Covid, Matt & Phil are back to talk about what happened with the unpredictable 2020 Dallas Cowboys season and the beginning of the NBA season for the Mavs. They make up for lost time with two different beers for Happy Hour and try to navigate a 6 game Wild Card Weekend. They wrap up discussing what the near future looks like for the Cowboys offseason.


Featured Beers: Puppy Chow and This is the End by Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, TX.

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Doctor Matt is 1/2 of the Sports Over Served Podcast and skilled in the art of creative writing (according to his 3rd-grade English teacher). He also says he knows a thing or two about basketball, which qualifies him as our NBA Expert? Don't agree with Matt? Feel free to leave a comment!

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