Episode 079: Well Placed Profanity

Episode 079: Well Placed Profanity
Sports Over Served

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The Final Four is here after an incredible Elite 8 weekend. Listen to the breakdown of what will happen in college basketball’s penultimate matchup (2:50). Luka Doncic & Trae Young are leading candidates for NBA Rookie of the Year (23:55), and the Dallas Cowboys have added Robert Quinn to a potent defensive line (27:53).


Featured Beer: Adios Pantalones by Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth, TX

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Doctor Matt is 1/2 of the Sports Over Served Podcast and skilled in the art of creative writing (according to his 3rd-grade English teacher). He also says he knows a thing or two about basketball, which qualifies him as our NBA Expert? Don't agree with Matt? Feel free to leave a comment!

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