Episode 057: 2018 NFL Season Preview

Episode 057: 2018 NFL Season Preview
Sports Over Served

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The boys are back for the 2018 season, so buckle up as Matt and Phil take on the entire NFL from division winners to the Super Bowl to MVP candidates (5:40). There’s beer and jerky in this episode as they try to figure out how the Tiger vs Phil $9 million showdown is going to work on Thanksgiving weekend (29:40). Week 1 lines are up, as they try to tackle one of the toughest betting weeks in the NFL (34:00), before taking a deep dive into the Cowboys roster (41:00), potential woes (46:45), and a week by week win-loss for their beloved Cowboys (50:00).

Featured Beer: Flesh & Blood IPA by Dogfish Head from Milton, DE

Feature Snack: Wicked Cutz Premium Jerky (assorted varieties)

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